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Luna Park
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Albania, 1996. Mira (36) is living in the industrial city of Elbasan with her two sons, Toni (16) and Albi (5). Her husband, Arben (39) has been working illegally in Greece for the past four years. Everyday life is a struggle for the family, as they are trying to survive with the few money that they have. Luckily, they find comfort in the company of Alma and her teenage daughter Sara, with whom they have a similar life experience. Toni keeps getting into trouble and Mira is doing her best to overcome his father’s absence and deal with his aggressive behavior. In order to make their life easier, she starts investing some little money in one of the pyramid scheme companies that flourished in Albania at the time. Their lives take a different turn when Alma and Sara move to Italy with the father of the family. Mira and Toni feel depressed and the need for a better future becomes bigger and more urgent. Therefore, Mira takes the bold decision to sell her apartment and invest the money in the same company as before. The boys agree with her decision and the three of them move in with their grandparents, until they receive their earnings. The new year arrives with the promise for the better life they have been dreaming of. But soon after the New Year’s Eve, the pyramid system collapses and the country enters one of the darkest chapters of her history. Mira realizes that she has lost everything, without her husband knowing. On top of this, Toni’s behavior gets out of control. At the peak of his outburst, he takes part in the looting of a public warehouse, takes a Kalashnikov and attacks the new owners of their apartment. After this dangerous incident, Mira decides to cross the borders illegally and travel to Greece with both her sons. Arben tries to talk her out of this, but she is determined to do it, with or without his consent. Finding the money for the travel is not easy, but Mira finds a way to get it. The travel takes two days and it has many obstacles, which include blocks by rebels, hours of walking, chasing by the Greek police and farmers. Finally, the three of them make it to Thessaloniki safe. There, they find themselves in a completely different environment than this of Albania and feel somehow lost. Also, Arben is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, the three of them are closer than ever and for the first time, after a long time, they are having some moments of joy, at the Luna Park of Thessaloniki.
    Dritan Huqi/ Ioanna Bolomyti/ Fatmir Spahiu/
    Glykeria Patramani/ Florenc Papas/
    Florenc Papas/